Best of 2013 - imagesofthewild
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Normally one would want all the eyes of the subjects showing and open. In this case, there is nary a one. But I felt like this photo showed the commitment that a bird parent invests in the nesting, incubating, and upbringing of their young. It is a great gray owl (Strix nebulosa) adult female looking particularly maternal with her two hungry young chicks. Taken in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.

y13greatgrayowl039ashOwlStrix nebulosaUSAWyomingYellowstoneYellowstone National Parkavianbabiesbabybirdchickchicksfemalegraygreatgreat gray owlgreylargenationalnational parknaturenestlingparkraptorwildwildlifeyoung2013bestjf

From Wyoming Wildlife