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Image Use Policy

All images that you see on the site are copyrighted. If you wish to use them for any purpose, please contact us. You must obtain permission and license the photos for any use whatsoever. Since every project is unique, we will work with you to determine the licensing fees for your specific usage.

Commercial Use

For commercial use, there will always be a fee. We do not provide our photos free of charge. When you contact us using the Contact link at left, please provide us with the following information:

  1. 1. Your name.
  2. 2. The company for which you work.
  3. 3. The company or individual you are representing, if you are a public relations, marketing, or other firm working on their behalf.
  4. 4. Your e-mail address.
  5. 5. Your mailing address.
  6. 6. Your phone number.
  7. 7. If you are representing another company or individual, the mailing address of that company or individual.
  8. 8. The end purpose for which you will be licensing an image or images.
  9. 9. If the image(s) will be used in print, please specify the size(s) and print run(s).
  10. 10. If the image(s) will be used on the web, please specify the main website url and state the context of how the image will be used.
  11. 11. Very Important: You must give us the exact url(s) (from our site) of the image(s) that you wish to use.

Once you have licensed the image(s), we will e-mail you the information so that you can complete your payment.

We can provide images in various formats, for instance 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF in the aRGB or sRGB colorspace. Please let us know the format and colorspace you wish to use. We will deliver the images to you electronically, using e-mail or our Dropbox account.

In all cases, a credit will be required. For instance, for print materials, the credit should appear in at least 10-point size and should read:

"Photo Copyright (c) 2017 by Jan Forseth -"

For web use, the credit should read:

"Photo Copyright (c) 2017 by Jan Forseth -" with a link to our website ( included.

Please note that we retain intellectual property rights, including copyright, on all images and that you will only be purchasing from us the "rights" to use an image(s) for a set purpose. You will receive a one-time, non-exclusive use of the image(s). You have no rights to license or permit licensing or use of any kind of the image(s).

Non-Profit or Individual Use

If you are a non-profit or individual, please contact us using the Contact button at left and state all of the applicable information above as well. If you are working on behalf of a non-profit or individual, please note that if you are charging for your services, then our policy states that we must also charge for usage of our photos.

Web Usage

Please note: We do not allow usage or display of our images on other websites, unless the image(s) have been licensed for a fee. You may link to our website pages at any time or share them on social media, but may not display our individual image(s) on any website unless they have been licensed.

Other Usage

We do not allow the downloading of our images to your computer for any purpose. This includes use as a screensaver, wallpaper, web use, printing, and any other use.

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